Research Topics

  • Mobile Networks
  • IoT
  • SDN
  • 5G Mobile Networks
  • Mobile cloud networking
  • Cognitive radio networks
  • Mobility Issue
  • Performance evaluation of mobile networks
  • Interconnection of heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Beyond 4G and 5G communications
  • Architecture enhancements for Futur networks
  • Machine type communications and M2M
  • Network resiliency and self organization
  • Mobile networks: multimedia streaming, cross layer design, handoff/mobility management, resource management, dynamic QoS negotiation, and adaptive scheduling.
  • Integrated terrestrial/satellite communications systems for Internet use: TCP performance, load balancing, and handover management.
  • Context aware mobile applications and internet services
  • E-health: designing indoor assistance systems for persons with cognitive impairments.
  • Sensor networks, ad-hoc networks, DTNs and vehicle ad-hoc networks: routing and energy efficiency.

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